Trinity Church Wall Street

Tripling Down on NYC

By Neill Coleman

"As one of the oldest institutions in NYC, Trinity has played a role in responding to many challenging moments in the City’s history, from wars to fires, epidemics to 9/11. So once again, we are committed to supporting our city, this time through the COVID crisis and recovery. Indeed, Trinity has nearly tripled its NYC grantmaking in 2020: from $8.5 million in 2019 to $24.4 million in 2020. Here are three key ways we have recently engaged."


Philanthropy New York

Ending Whack-a-Mole Philanthropy

By Neill Coleman

"Too often in philanthropy we achieve progress or a reform, but don’t think to look around the corner. We thereby create - or exacerbate - another problem.  It’s whack-a-mole philanthropy.  Dismantling a structure or system without creating a healthier one just shifts the problem rather than fundamentally solving it."


Change Agent

The Power of VR Storytelling

By Neill Coleman


Stanford Social Innovation Review

Greater Influence, More Impact: Five steps to building and leveraging the engine that fuels national conversation: influence.

By Judith Rodin & Neill Coleman


Washington Monthly

Building Resilient Cities: How resilience can help communities better prepare for – and even thrive – in the aftermath of a natural disaster

By Neill Coleman


Change Agent

Tell the World: Books as a Communications Tool

By Neill Coleman


School of Visual Arts

Global Guest Lecture Series

Neill Coleman: Leveraging Influence: How Communications Can Magnify Your Impact

September 2017


Frank Conference

Neill Coleman: Resilience Rising

March 2016

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