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How Funders can Bolster Direct Voter Engagement  

By Neill Coleman and Melody Lopez

June 2024

"This year, GoVoteNYC is continuing to support this trusted messenger approach, while also asking: “What’s changed since 2021, and how do we need to adapt?” Here we’ll share what we’ve learned through a series of conversations with our grantee partners."  

Philanthropy New York

It’s Time to Shut Down Government’s Unfair Treatment of Nonprofits 
Reflections from Foundations on the Hill 2024 
By Neill Coleman

May 2024

"However, it was clear from our conversations with congressional staff, what philanthropy can do is help ensure the billions of federal dollars that are disbursed... get to the people who need them most, and in an equitable way." 

City Limits Hall of Fame 2023

Profile of Neill Coleman

October 2023

"When Neill Coleman founded his consulting firm, Mission Magnified, he set out not only to assist charitable foundations in using their resources most effectively, but to help them “think about how to engage with public policy in order to achieve impact at scale.”


Center for Effective Philanthropy

By First Walking Alongside, We Can Run Together

by Neill Coleman

October 2022

"These three approaches — capacity-building, convening, and championing — are not exclusive. Indeed, the heart of walking alongside our grantees is being open to hearing from our grantees what their needs are."

Trinity Church Wall Street

A Time to Listen

by Neill Coleman & Kate Mulloy

October 2022

"We’ve worked hard to put good systems in place and to develop strong, trust-centered relationships with grant partners. But we also know that we can improve—and that we need direct, honest feedback to do so—which is why we reached out to the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP)."


Gotham Gazette

The Three Vs for Voter Engagement: Validators, Volunteers and Visibility

by Martha King, Patricia A. Swann & Neill Coleman

August 2022

"If our democracy is in peril, why aren’t New Yorkers voting like their rights depended on it? 

In fact, within the seeming disconnect is a key part of the solution: building our democracy back up from the roots. From the block, to the neighborhood, to the city, and beyond."

The Imprint

New York Owes Nonprofits More Than A Parade

by Neill Coleman & Norah McVeigh

October 2021

"While we are proud to be able to use some of our resources to help these organizations keep the doors open and provide essential services, it should not be philanthropy’s role to pay city government’s bills." 

Next City

Rescuing the American Rescue Plan

By Beatriz De La Torre, Neill Coleman and Susan Thomas

July 2021

"By deploying relatively small amounts of money, philanthropy can ensure... unprecedented federal resources make a huge difference in the lives of struggling Americans."

City & State

2021 Pride Power 100 List


Episcopal Relief and Development

A Year of COVID-19: Response, Recovery and Resilience

By Neill Coleman

April 2021

"And it can sometimes feel that by supporting immediate relief—an imperative, not a choice—we are delaying and deferring long-term goals. Can we advance a goal of more girls in school when schools are closed? Or racially-equitable health outcomes when health systems are collapsing? But this is a false choice. Instead, we must respond to immediate needs in ways that also build justice for the future."


Crain's New York Business

Notable in Nonprofits and Philanthropy list

April 2021 


Gotham Gazette

Ending the Hierarchy of Homelessness

By Neill Coleman

February 2021

"The need for a safe and secure place to spend the night and base our lives is universal. There should be no hierarchy in helping the homeless."


Inside Philanthropy

Hallowed Land: The World's Richest Episcopal Church Gets Serious About Giving

By Ade Adeniji

February 2021

"With such wealth at its disposal, Trinity Church Wall Street is also emerging as a significant philanthropic player, making grants totaling $33.6 million across 191 grants in 28 countries in 2020."


Trinity Church Wall Street

Tripling Down on NYC

By Neill Coleman

January 2021

"As one of the oldest institutions in NYC, Trinity has played a role in responding to many challenging moments in the City’s history, from wars to fires, epidemics to 9/11. So once again, we are committed to supporting our city, this time through the COVID crisis and recovery. Indeed, Trinity has nearly tripled its NYC grantmaking in 2020."


Philanthropy New York

Ending Whack-a-Mole Philanthropy

By Neill Coleman

October 2021

"Too often in philanthropy we achieve progress or a reform, but don’t think to look around the corner. We thereby create - or exacerbate - another problem.  It’s whack-a-mole philanthropy.  Dismantling a structure or system without creating a healthier one just shifts the problem rather than fundamentally solving it."


Change Agent

The Power of VR Storytelling

By Neill Coleman

Winter 2021 


Washington Monthly

Building Resilient Cities: How resilience can help communities better prepare for – and even thrive – in the aftermath of a natural disaster

By Neill Coleman

March 2016

Change Agent

Tell the World: Books as a Communications Tool

By Neill Coleman

December 2015

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Greater Influence, More Impact: Five steps to building and leveraging the engine that fuels national conversation: influence.

By Judith Rodin & Neill Coleman

March 2015



School of Visual Arts

Global Guest Lecture Series

Neill Coleman: Leveraging Influence: How Communications Can Magnify Your Impact

September 2017


Frank Conference

Neill Coleman: Resilience Rising

March 2016

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